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Episode 197: Blade Runner 2049 Review and Spoilercast

by on Oct.06, 2017, under Podcasts

Blade Runner 2049 poster by Michael Friebe (raborlatte) at posterspy.com.  Click the image for more.

35 years after the release of Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic Blade Runner, we are finally getting a sequel in Blade Runner 2049; a sequel that no one could have dared to expect.

Is it any good? Does it  measure up against the original?

On this week’s podcast Iain and Gavin discuss their history with the original and their thoughts on the sequel, without spoilers, for the first 20 minutes of the podcast. After that (and a brief word from Roy Batty) we dive into spoilers for the rest of the podcast, so you can avoid that section if you’ve not seen the film yet


Let us know what you thought of the film, as well as our review, by tweeting us at @mcnastyprime or  @gavyap and by emailing us at [email protected].

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Independence Day: Resurgence Spoiler-cast

by on Jun.27, 2016, under Podcasts


Our latest podcast is the Independence Day: Resurgence spoilercast!  Gavin and Iain discuss the new Independence Day movie in depth and with spoilers from the very beginning (you have been warned!)

We talk about that alien ******, what happened to P******** W*******, why J*** was a waste of space and how funny it is that C**** is all up in this shit!

If you agree or disagree with our take, let us know! Hit us up on twitter, email us at [email protected] or use the contact us form here on the site.


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Star Wars The Force Awakens Spoilercast

by on Jan.11, 2016, under Podcasts


Better late than never, we kick off 2016 with our in-depth, spoiler-filled, discussion of The Force Awakens.


Plus, if you haven’t seen the movie already what have you been doing!?

If you’d like to share your thoughts on the movie with us or you agree/disagree with us on any of the points we talk about, let us know by emailing us at [email protected], tweeting at us at @mcyapandfries, @gavyap or @mcnastyprime or you can leave a comment or send us a message via our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for our next regular podcast soon!


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Guardians of the Galaxy Spoiler Cast

by on Aug.22, 2014, under Podcasts

gotg wars

Awesome Star wars themed Poster from Matt Ferguson

Because no one demanded it, Gavin , Chi Ren and I geeked out over Guardians of the Galaxy, discussing everything about the film, from the cast, the plot, what we liked, what we didn’t and  it’s impact on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Beautiful Art by Paul Shipper

Beautiful Art by Paul Shipper


If you like these sweet homage posters you can check out more over at Bluurpy.com here and here



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Captain America The Winter Spoiler-cast

by on Apr.28, 2014, under Podcasts

WARNING! PODCAST CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM THE VERY START FOR Captain America:The Winter Soldier, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (up to and including episode 19, 22nd Apr 2014, “The Only Light in the Darkness”) and Thor The Dark World!

In this special SPOILER-filled show Iain and guest Chi Ren discuss Captain America:The Winter Soldier in depth, discussing, amongst other things:

  • What we each thought of the film
  • Who that blonde chick was
  • The possible impact on the Marvel cinematic universe
  • What was with that computer thing
  • What lasting effects this could have on the Agents Of SHIELD TV show
  • What we think of the Agents Of SHIELD TV show

and why Captain America is “better” than Superman 😉

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Thor The Dark World Spoilercast

by on Nov.23, 2013, under Podcasts

"IT'S HAMMER TIME!... UH..VERILY." etc. etc.

In this, a very special episode of the McYapandFries movie podcast we eschew the usual format to discuss Thor:The Dark World and nothing but.

What we liked, what we didn’t like and we talk SPOILERS from the very start!
Joining Gavin and Iain on the podcast couch is good friend, writer and semi-regular podcast guest star Chi-Ren Choon.

Enjoy , and don’t forget you can provide feedback to us by using the form on the contact us page linked to above, or  emailing us at [email protected]


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The Dark Knight Rises Review and Secret Origins

by on Jul.23, 2012, under Podcasts


The Dark Knight has a special place in our hearts (it’s why we started this podcast) so in honour of the release of The Dark Knight Rises, this week’s podcast  focuses almost entirely on our Dark Knight Rises reviews.

Yes, I said reviews plural; one show, two reviews as we first give our spoiler-free review, discuss some emails and then go deep into the no man’s land of spoiler  territory.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of warning before we hit the spoilers so we shouldn’t ruin anything for you, but try and keep the second half until you’ve seen (and hopefully enjoyed)  the end of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

One show note this week from @darkstardave on twitter:

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Prometheus Spoiler-Cast

by on Jun.10, 2012, under Podcasts

David AFTER he's heard the Prometheus spoilercast

With our abiding love of Sir Ridley Scott’s work, the fantastic Alien universe he created, the sinister machinations of the Weylan (later -Yutani) company as well as our feelings on the actual film, we couldn’t just leave it at a spoiler free review of Prometheus in the main show, and so McYapandFries present our Prometheus Spoiler-cast where we hold nothing back in discussing the films plot points, ending,  sucesses (and failures) and where the franchise could possibly go from here.

CONTAINS SPOILERS! Seriously it’s in the headline and everything, don’t listen if you haven’t seen Prometheus!!

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Best Superhero Movie Ever?

by on May.01, 2012, under Podcasts

Yes…it’s finally here

The road that began years or decades ago when you first heard of or read your first Avengers comic, or that began for us in Summer 2010 when we first saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assembled on stage at San Diego Comic Con, ends this week with the release of Marvel’s The Avengers in cinemas across the world (everywhere that is except America this week for some reason).

As you can guess Gavin and I “go deep” on our review in this week’s cast but for the cautious we do avoid spoilers until the 45th minute of the cast, and we very clearly state this, so you can’t blame anyone but yourself if you hear too much.

This weeks’s show also has a very quick, non-spoilery review of The Cabin in the Woods and some of the usual news for which the show notes are below, Enjoy!


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Thor Spoilercast

by on May.04, 2011, under Podcasts


Milday, wouldst thou join me in listening to a podcast?

What madness is this!!? A second podcast within  a single week!? Well Gavin and I couldn’t let Thor pass without  having a no hold barred, cage match discussion of the film, the plot, the characters, the effects,  character arcs, who lives, who dies, everything!

Hence we bring you our first separate SPOILERcast. If you’ve not seen Thor yet then we recommend that you DO NOT listen to this podcast until after you have seen it, lest you ruin your viewing pleasaure.

Once you have seen Thor  relive the movie with us and let us know what you think of Asgard’s mightiest by emailing us at [email protected] or sending us your comments via the form available at the “contact us” link above (or click here )

Enjoy the show!

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