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by on May.15, 2011, under Newspost

We may not have a podcast this week but that doesn’t mean we won’t have new content.

The first trailer for the remake of “Fright Night” is now up online and I have to say this looks like a lot of fun!

The original starred Chris Sarandon (the creepy Prince  Humperdinck from “The Princess Bride”), Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes ) and William Ragsdale (who now plays Winona’s douchebag husband in “Justified” on TV), and told the tale of a high school kid who enlists the aid of an old TV horror show host to combat the vampire next door. They’ve been updated with Colin Farrell (from, well, loads), David Tennant (used to be Doctor Who) and Anton Yelchin, who I’m starting to hate on after getting plum roles as Chekov in “Star Trek”, Kyle Reese in “Terminator: Salvation” and not sucking at all.

Pretty cool right?

I’ve always been aware of the original, first from the awesome video cover in my local video shop (remember those?), but never got to see it much until later, and when I saw it, I liked it.

This new version looks to be a variation on the theme of the original with a little more darkness thrown in.  In fact in parts it looks like “The Lost Boy”.

My only worries at this stage is that the trailer does seem to show a lot of stuff from the high school set up, to sussing out the vamp,  family under attack and full on Vampire hunting,  however, I’m guessing that some of these elements are not in order and the distinct lack of David Tenant in the Roddy McDowell role (apart from two “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scenes) may yet mean that there are some surprises in store.  Also it’s in 3D, which it doesn’t seem will be necessary to enjoy the film.

After watching the old trailer for comparison I may just drag out a copy and watch it now!

The new hotness

The new poster is not too bad either.

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