New podcast around the corner!

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A mystery special guest? Who could it be?

It’s been a  while but we’ll FINALLY have a new podcast for you soon, as we are recording this weekend!

As Gavin is still away  we’ll have a special guest on to discuss the latest movie news as well as review Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland, and we’ll probably end up talking about Avengers: Age Of Ultron for a bit as well.

If you have any comments on any recent films or anything you’d like us to discuss on the podcast email us at [email protected]


Also Iain guest starred on the Geeks in Malaysia podcast recently to discuss all things Marvel, From Avengers to Daredevil and beyond. Keep an eye out on for when it becomes available for download!




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Gavin starring in new play “Tribes” in Singapore

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Tribes_FeaturedYes, yes we were supposed to record a podcast after “Speed The Plow” finished, but Gavin’s had to head off to Singpore to prepare for the next play he’s doing;  “Tribes”

We are working on recording a podcast using THE POWER OF THE INTERNET and hope to have something for you soon. In the mean time, here’s some details on the new play:

Tribes is written by  Nina Raine, and directed by Tracie Pang, you can find pout more on the website here

As well as Gavin, the play stars Adrian Pang, Ethel Yap , Frances Lee, Susan Tordoff, and Thomas Pang.

The play runs from 22 May – 7 June 2015 at the Drama Centre Theatre Singapore,  with special performances incorporating Sign Language interpreters on stage on the following dates:

• Saturday 23 May, 8pm
• Wednesday 27 May, 8pm
• Saturday 30 May, 8pm
• Wednesday 3 June, 8pm
• Saturday 6 June, 8pm

Discounted rates are exclusively available for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients of The Singapore Association for the Deaf, are available by contacting Lizhen at [email protected] for more information.

Here’s the announcement  trailer

..and here’s another trailer in Sign Language.


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Gavin starring in David Mamet play “Speed the Plow”

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Sooooo, one of the reasons that we’ve not done a podcast recently is because Gavin is working his ass off on a number of projects, one of which is a production of “Speed The Plow“, a play by David Mamet.

This production stars Gavin, Douglas Lim and Amelia Henderson, and is directed by Paul Loosley.

The production is being staged at Pentas 2  at the KL Performing Arts Centre (KL PAC)  from 9-15th April.

Drop by if you’re in the area and  fancy a bit of culture or just want to see Gavin in the flesh (I should be lurking in the audience on at least one night)

Shows are on @ 8:30pm on the 9th-15th April, with a 3pm matinee on the 12th April.

There is no Show on the 13th April

For bookings call  +603-40479000 or log on to

Tickets are priced at :
Standard – RM68
Concession 1 – RM48 (TAS Card Member / Senior Citizen / Disabled)
Concession 2 – RM38 (Student)

*Concession 1 & 2 ONLY available for walk-in to klpac and penangpac box office with valid ID
All prices inclusive of RM3 ticket handling fee and 6% GST

You can find more information on the play here, and there’s a video promo below.

We should be able to get the next podcast to you soon!



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FAT PIG! (Live in Singapore!)

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For those of you wondering why there hasn’t been a podcast for a while the reason is two-fold:

1) Gavin has finally finished rehearsals and can now be found treading the boards nightly at the DBS Arts Centre, Singapore, performing in Pangdemonium’s production of Neil La Bute’s Fat Pig. The show runs until 2nd March 2014 so if you are around Singapore I highly recommend you catch Gavin in the flesh, so to speak.

Tickets are available at the Sistic website here : and here’s a quick Youtube clip if you want a taste.


2) Gavin’s most recent stand-in just had a baby so that put the end to that!!

If you’ve got a love of movies, a decent microphone, PC and internet connection and feel like filling in for Gavin, hit me up at [email protected], on Twitter at, or using the ‘Contact Us’ form here 0n the site and we’ll see about setting up a show!

This could be a bold new experiment!!







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A film By Gavin Yap

by on Jan.23, 2014, under Newspost

As Gavin is away in Singapore rehearsing for a play, we’ve not yet had time to record our first podcast of 2014 , but rest assured, plans are afoot to remedy this.

In the meantime here’s a quick update on Gavin’s film, yes, GAVIN’S FILM.

As regular listeners should know, last year Gavin directed his first feature film called “Take me To Dinner” (I’m also in the film, albeit in the background briefly in one scene) and it’s finally opening in selected GSC cinemas in Malaysia on 13th March 2014!

A darkly comic romantic drama, here’s the trailer to whet your appetite

…and look! Incontrovertible PROOF that Gavin directed it! Look at those hands!


In the run up to the release the production team have also been releasing some (pretty funny) behind the scenes featurettes,I’ve included the  the first two at the bottom of this post, however there’ll be more to come so if you want to see them all then subscribe to the “Take Me to Dinner” page on your social media platform of choice:

Facebook –

Tumblr –

Twitter –

Youtube –


Here’s the featurettes, I’ll add the others as they are released:



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The Emperor

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Loki is not best pleased with this lack of podcast

Loki is not best pleased with this lack of podcast

As you may has noticed there hasn’t been a podcast since last week’s Avengers cast.

This is because a) we’re still reeling from that cinematic onslaught & b) Gavin’s been busy “shaping and directing” this year’s The Platform production The Emperor at the KL Performing Arts Centre. Full details here but if you wanna catch it you’ll have to hurry, shows finish 12th May!

Once again we’ll try and get back to a regular status once Gavin stops being so damn popular, or my dastardly plans come to fruition. What plans? That would be telling…

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So Where is this Week’s Podcast?

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Derek had the distinct feeling the interior decorator was taking the piss with his latest "creation"

Due to scheduling conflicts I’m afraid that there’s no podcast this week, but we’ll make up for it next week which should be our MIGHTY AVENGERS-CAST!  (knowing us it should  be about 6 hours long!)

It’s proably a good thing as my review was going to be The Cabin in the Woods, one of the most difficult films  to review without spoiling it, EVER.  All I can say about it is, if you enjoyed and laughed at Scream , The Evil Dead films, Freddy, and Jason,  etc.  you’ll definitely get a kick out of it and should go see it now!

Seriously go see it and support smart, funny cinema!

Until next week…EXCELSIOR!!

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We’re not “Lost”

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Not Penny's boat

We're totally not trapped on an island with a smoke monster...honest

We’ve just been very,very naughty…I mean busy. My new job is giving me headaches and Gavin, well Gavin just finished a restaging of “Someone to Watch over me” in KL and is now in Penang with the show (more info at and it just wouldn’t seem right to record show number 99 & 100 without him, so I hope you can bear the wait until he returns for the next slice of “fried gold”.

We may even have some very special  guests for #100, who knows…

Stay tuned!


we’ve just been very very naught.. I mean busy

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Seasons Greetings! The podcast is fixed!

by on Dec.25, 2011, under Newspost

Gosling descending a staircase

'twas the night before Christmas....

Yes, we’re finally back again with a podcast and I’m very,very happy to say that we have FINALLY sorted out all the technical issues that we’ve been having since our um, “studio’s refurbishment”. Apologies again for the issues on the last two but we really are back to the same audio quality as we once had (pity the content doesn’t match). But enough about the past, let’s look to the future, which seem to be exactly what the movie studios want you to do, judging by the absolute deluge of trailers we’ve seen over the last few weeks for 2012 releases.  As usual I’ve listed them all below so you can “watch along with Mc & Yap”. Also on this week’s show we finally have reviews of the 2011 re-quel of “The Thing”, Seth Rogen & Jospeh Gordon Levitt’s cancer drama “50/50”, “The Muppets” and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” in which I am reliably informed Tom Cruise is AWESOME.

All of us here at McYapandFries would like to thanks you for listening and wish you and yours the very best this holiday season.

“God bless us every one”

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We’ve Gone on Holiday by Mistake….again!

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Are you the farmer? Have you heard this joke before?

Well shiiit, looks like we’ve missed our window of opportunity with the podcast again.

Gavin’s had to go “away” for a while for “help”..I mean “work” and it was my “birthday” last week so our already erratic schedule has been truly thrown off it’s axis.

We’re looking into options to get you a podcast soon (Especially now that “Drive”  and “Killer Elite” are coming out) so please bear with us and we’ll get right back to you as soon as we can.

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